About Us

Dream-ALot is a non profit 501C3 Foundation that was the brain child of Pamela Rodgers.  Motivated out of a heart for giving back and making a difference in the world Dream A Lot was formed to provide a vehicle to do this.

The primary focus is to make possible opportunities for experiences and education for children and young adults who don’t have the resources to fullfill their dreams.  We are very much a grass roots Make A Wish for healthy bodied young people as well as the terminally ill.  It is our hope that through our giving that the recipients have the opportunity to fullfill one of their dreams or an experience that enriches their live in a way that they come out of it with an open heart, a smile on their face and ready to go take on the world!

Much of our giving is centered around kids education as well as tutoring to ensure a successful outcome.  Dream A Lot sponsors many children internationally to attend boarding school where it is impractical for a child to get to and from school daily. We have found that by educating a child it has the greatest opportunity to educate and transform the entire village. Dream A Lot funds many children’s summer camp experiences as well. We find that children that have an opportunity to go to a residential summer camp learn important life skills such as overcomimg fears, communication, team work,  trust, self confidence, making friends. They also benefit greatly from the time in nature to do some self reflection and grow closer to God. We continue to hear wonderful stories from Kids about their camp experiences so have made this one of our core missions and will continue to fund these opportunities for young people.

In addition to our generous donars a portion of Pam Rodgers Real Estate Business goes towards supporting Dream A Lot in keeping with the tradtion that giving is always more rewarding than receiving.

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